AWRL Researcher Received WCS AWWA Merit Scholarship 2022 and 1st Place Award in Oral Presentation in FEGRS 2022Ph.D.

Student Md Mizanul Haque Mizan won the American Water Works Association-Western Canada Section (WCS AWWA) Merit Scholarship in 2022. This scholarship rewards student members for excellence in studies in an integrated water industry-related field at an accredited institution. Mizan also received the 1st place award (Oral presentation competition) at the Faculty of Engineering Graduate Research Symposium (2022) held at the University of Alberta, where he presented a part of his Ph.D. research on sustainable approaches for green membrane fabrication for water treatment. The FEGRS is an annual event conducted by the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Engineering. Throughout the symposium, graduate students share their work and connect with the research community, learning about cutting-edge research at the Faculty. Moreover, Mizan received the U of A Ph.D. recruitment scholarship in 2021. The purpose of the Recruitment Scholarship is to recruit superior graduate students who have the potential to contribute to the University of Alberta's community and research.